September 2019

5 Tips for Conducting a Clinical Trial

Clinical trials should be planned and performed by qualified personnel at all levels; sponsor, vendors and sites. Clinical trials must be carefully planned and conducted in accordance with industry, international and local regulations.
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July 2019

Choosing the optimal EDC platform for your clinical trial

The use of Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) has become the gold standard in clinical research. As a result the market has become flooded with EDC vendors of varying levels of functionality and quality
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March 2019

Intelligent Paperless Clinical Trials

The promise of the world’s technological movement to improve the quality, speed and cost of manual work is too significant to be ignored.
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January 2018

TechnoSTAT CDISC services

As part of TechnoSTAT’s one-stop-shop resource for data management and statistical services, TechnoSTAT is proud to provide complete state-of-the-art services to meet CDISC compliance.
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July 2017

Before Planning Your Next Clinical Trial

It may go without saying that we design our clinical trials in a manner that will achieve our objectives while requiring the least amount of resources. It is less obvious just how well statistics can help us do it.
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January 2016

Adaptive and Flexible Monitoring modalities

In recent years sponsors invest greater efforts than ever to cut monitoring expenses using the emergence of new technological solutions and by designing different monitoring modalities to perform monitoring activities in the most cost effective way but with no damage to quality.
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October 2015

Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

The promise of electronic data capture (EDC) to improve the quality, speed and cost of clinical trials is too significant to be ignored.
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June 2015

Making sure your study is successful

Virtually all late-stage trials—and certainly pivotal trials—are confirmatory in the sense that hypotheses are formulated in the protocol and tested using the data subsequently obtained in the trial.
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March 2015

How to save Money Without sacrificing quality?

Last month Forbes reported that the cost of a single clinical trial can cost up to $100 million.
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