TechnoSTAT Clinical Services was founded in 1993 with biostatistical consulting and services at its core.  Over a quarter of a century later, we are proud to provide world-class biostatistical consulting and a wide array of statistical services for the biotechnology industry.  TechnoSTAT has made a name for itself both in Israel and globally by providing top-notch statistical guidance to early-stage companies who are looking to make wise decisions early on that will carry them all the way to clinical trial success, regulatory approval and beyond.

TechnoSTAT’s success speaks for itself, counting dozens of regulatory approvals in a wide range of indications.  Our high caliber team of biostatisticians led by Dr. Yulia Gavrilov, hold an accumulated wealth of knowledge while remaining at the fore of changes in regulatory demands in an ever-evolving world of clinical research and biostatistics methods.

Among the services provided by our biostatistics CRO are:

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Address: 17 Metsada Street, 12th Floor , Bnei Brak, 5120118. Israel

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