Intelligent Paperless Clinical Trials

The promise of the world’s technological movement to improve the quality, speed and cost of manual work is too significant to be ignored.
Faced with challenges such as greater competition, increasing time-to-market pressure and budgetary limitations, the decision to use technological solutions to improve efficiency in the clinical trial, shorten study duration and lower costs is almost obvious.

The technological solutions for clinical trials start with the Electronic Data Capture (EDC) but have now gone far beyond. The ability to record and capture all clinical data in one online platform has expanded to every aspect of data collection.
We can no longer justify spending lots of time and money requiring that sites first capture clinical study data on paper, only to subsequently transcribe those data into an EDC system and then check the accuracy of the transcription by Source Data Verification (SDV).

The initial capture of source data on paper has been replaced by electronic source documentation.  Electronic source documentation has greatly increased data integrity and reduced dramatically both site coordinator and monitoring resources during the study. 
These savings of time and money accrued by the sites improve the site-sponsor relationship. Furthermore, regulatory authorities can worry less about data quality and data integrity.

The fruitful collaboration between TechnoSTAT and Target Health, a leading U.S. CRO, has allowed us to offer the most advanced technological solutions to our customers for nearly a decade. The Target EDC platform enables integration of the electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF), Interactive Web Response System (IWRS), safety module, monitoring reports, electronic source documentation (eSource) and electronic Informed Consent Form (eICF) – all within a single system. Using these features provides the sponsor with intelligent management of all study aspects and enables a more productive, effective and efficient study

Sponsors can now focus on things that matter.

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