Data monitoring committees (DMCs) or data and safety monitoring boards (DSMBs) often meet multiple times during a given clinical trial, bringing together world experts in the indication under investigation (plus a biostatistician) in order to make some of the most important decisions in the study. TechnoSTAT understands the significance of these periodic events and provides full management of the committee meetings as well as offering seasoned biostatisticians to participate as members of the DMC.

TechnoSTAT’s DMC services include the following:

• DMC planning and draft of DMC charter
• DMC scheduling and logistics
• Preparation of DMC tables by an independent biostatistician
• Complete DMC documentation and reporting
• Participation of senior biostatistician in meetings as DMC member

As timelines are key to making time-sensitive high-stakes decisions, we will provide your DMC with timely information as needed while maintaining blinding procedures and compliance with relevant regulatory guidelines.

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