Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine, June 2016 Issue. An article about CleanDATA®, our “EDC-Like” system for early-phase paper CRF studies.
CleanDATA® was chosen as one of 2016 top 10 Clinical Data Management solutions.

READING Between the NUMBERS – Statistical thinking in everyday life– Joseph Tal, Ph.D. McGraw-Hill, 2001. From physics to football, marketing to meteorology, virtually every aspect of modern life involves numbers. But, as statistician/psychologist Joseph Tal writes in this offbeat excursion through the world of statistics, “The numbers must be made to talk, to tell us their story.” And that, of course, is where statistics comes in: it is the art and science of getting numbers to reveal present realities and future possibilities.In Reading Between the Numbers, Joseph Tal brings statistics down to earth for the general reader. Focusing on the psychology behind statistics, he shows how it applies in our everyday lives. He demonstrates how even mundane decisions, such as what to make for dinner or whether to take an umbrella, involve basic statistical reasoning. Tal uses dozens of fascinating examples from the social and natural sciences, sports, business and a whole host of other disciplines. With them he familiarizes you with means, medians and modes, and with sampling, estimating, hypothesis testing and many tools-of-the-trade. And throughout he enlivens the narrative with whimsical and revealing quotes from literary masters ranging from Stendahl to Wilde to Chandler.Reading Between the Numbers is a fun, fascinating read for anyone interested in numbers. It is an ideal quick-study guide for anyone needing to know statistics for their job or school or life.

Strategy and Statistics in Clinical Trials: A non-statisticians guide to thinking, designing and executing – Joseph Tal, Ph.D. ELSEVIER Academic Press, 2011. Biomedical R&D can be strikingly complex. Through the persistent efforts of talented individuals from numerous fields we have a steady stream of medical innovation. Such fields include chemistry and clinical medicine, physics and pharmacokinetics, marketing, biology, toxicology, nursing, regulatory and finance. Statistical methods and concepts provide the means for processing the results which are intrinsic for clinical innovations.Statistics gives life science the language to communicate its achievements and failures. Strategy and Statistics in Clinical Trials provides the tools for formulating judicious questions, designing optimal studies and testing succinct hypotheses.Written in an accessible style with occasional humor, Strategy and Statistics makes for engaging reading and insightful discussion. The author presents the statistical view of clinical trials and provides a practical guide that contains extensive clinical case studies based on more than 20 years experience. As biomedical research grows ever more complex, professionals need to understand their colleague’s work in order to communicate productively and move to the next step in the research process. Strategy and Statistics will provide the reader with the tools and framework to maximize efforts and reach objectives in this important process to achieve significant results.
This book:

  • Enables non-statisticians to better understand research processes and statistics’ role in these processes
  • Offers real life case studies and provides a practical, “how to” guide to biomedical R & D
  • Delineates the statistical building blocks and concepts of clinical trials
  • Promotes effective cooperation between statisticians and important other parties

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