TechnoSTAT is at the forefront of adopting statistical methodologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop more efficient clinical trials utilizing advanced analytical tools for all stages of development.

AI and machine learning methodologies are now being applied to nearly every area of the world, from mobile apps in daily use to the most sophisticated technologies.  At TechnoSTAT we apply the same methodologies to trial design, trial adaptations by adaptive design, modeling of results and developing improved algorithms for medical devices.

While classical statistical techniques such as logistic regression are still relevant, TechnoSTAT also applies large-scale hypothesis testing using false discovery rate (FDR) methodology and classifier algorithms (such as random forests, neural networks, etc.).

In contrast to automated softwares that help to mine data, at TechnoSTAT we utilize statistical analyses to pre-process the data before applying the data to deep-learning software, thereby providing better understanding of each feature’s contribution and improving overall accuracy.

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