How can you benefit from Custom Made CRO Services?

  • TechnoSTAT’s experienced team understands the complexity and array of requirements involved while planning or running clinical trials. We would like to offer you a comprehensive and creative approach for your individual needs (Budget, timelines, regulatory requirements etc.).

Our services cater to early-stage non-clinical development and bench testing, for all clinical study phases. We specialize in protocol development, clinical trial management, through regulatory submission to agencies such as FDA, EMA, PMDA, CFDA and European certification authorities.

Additionally, TechnoSTAT supports its clients’ marketing activities, including post-market studies and assistance in the preparation of scientific articles and conference presentations.

Our Know How includes:

  • Long-standing Professional experience in understanding study planning and clinical study requirements Including market access,
  • Our extensive Regulatory knowledge ensures optimal clinical design focused on remote monitoring.
  • TechnoSTAT expertly designed pricing and activity models, are specially tailored to all organizations’ requirements.
  • We assign a dedicated, highly experienced Project Manager to the project, as the main contact person for the Sponsor and the coordinator of all tasks and activities to be performed. Keeping continued communication with the clinical team involved,
  • Protecting the Sponsor’s interests.
  • Effective patient enrollment. We will boost recruitment, using ‘out of the box’ incentives.

Our flexible, creative approach is designed to meet every client’s needs.

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